30 Swansea Road, Flaxmere

This is a 13-metre high indoor rock climbing wall which includes 28 stations and offers abseiling, bouldering and lead climbing. It is an affordable way to have fun, get fit and be adventurous.

Benefits of Climbing

Physical benefits

Lean, Endurance Muscles
Core Muscles
Low Impact Aerobic Workout
Cardiovascular System

Hands and Fingers
Forearms and Upper Arms
Shoulders, Neck and Upper Back


Decision Making
Problem Solving
Goal Setting

Self Confidence
Stress Relief
Sense of Achievement
Spatial Awareness
Motor Skills


Belong to a Community
Networking and Friendship
Communication and Listening Skills
Leadership Skills
Builds Character

Regular Opening Hours:

Come and climb in air-conditioned comfort, cool for the summer and warm in the winter

Note: Monday 23rd Oct, Labour Day the climbing wall will be closed.

Group Bookings - Contact us to book a group (these can be out of Opening hours - conditions apply)

Entry Fees:

Preschool - $4
13 Years and Under - $8
14 years plus - $12
Membership* $12 per week

*conditions apply

Climbing shoe hire $5
Chalk bag hire $3
Chalk Balls $10 (to buy)

Entry to FlaXrock when main doors are closed is around to the side door on the left as the Community Center may be closed but FlaXrock is OPEN!

The FlaXrock Community Climbing Wall is operated by the Kiwi Adventure Trust
We are passionate about Outdoor and Adventure and always happy to talk about how the outdoors can develop kids and youth, so feel free to chat to us anytime.