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Archery and Archery Soft


Bows and arrows have been around for thousands of years. Popularity has recently soared with archers featuring in some major blockbuster movies.

Remember Legolas in Lord of the Rings, Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and Hawkeye in the Marvel series.
There was plenty of archery in The Hobbit, and even in the TV series - Arrow

Archery brings so many benefits:

10 Life Lessons Kids Learn From Archery - click HERE


Archery Soft

Man has been using bows and arrows for thousands of years. Primarily a weapon of the hunter, but also in use in warfare. The bow has always been a favourite with children and adults. As a sport it has seen increasing numbers take it up and has been an Olympic sport for over a hundred years.

Now for the 21st century comes Archerysoft! Archerysoft the competitive game that blends strategy, fun and competition in a combination of dodgeball, paintball and tag. Participants need to be quick, accurate and thoughtful.

ArcherySoft can be done both inside and outside. All equipment is constructed to cause no damage to both participants and the surroundings.

A gym, hall or reasonably flat grass area provide the best playing areas, although any area of sufficient size can be used.

This Activity still teaches participants to shoot, indeed the first part of the activity is learning to shoot at a target.

Battle it out “Old School Warrior Style” with true bows and safe arrows for the world’s first safe archery battle. 

We’ll teach you how to shoot in our archery range and then get you and your friends battling it out on a 450m2 field.

Two different game formats makes this as simple as it gets.

Play with good old fashioned Dodge-Ball Rules, get hit and you’re out, catch a flying arrow and eliminate that player and bring one of yours back on, win by eliminating the opposing team or by scoring the most targets.

Suitable for all ages 8 and up. 

Come experience the chance to embrace your inner Katniss.Archery Soft 4 photos.jpeg