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Corporate Groups

Custom Made

Corporate, management teams, councils, sports teams, in fact any group interested in team development should consider doing one of our courses. We can provide custom built programmes that range from straightforward team building exercises through to challenges that will expose and build on weaknesses, identify and enhance strengths and reveal leadership skills.

These challenges are specifically designed to act as metaphors for workplace situations allowing targeted feedback and transferable lessons.

We have six options available

Custom Made

We build it for you


A fun day of activity based learning

Group Adventure Options

Caving, kayaking, abseiling, let us challenge you to laugh, live and learn

Wairoa High Ropes

This is a great day for building Trust, Self-belief and a feeling of Team

Crazy Climbing Challenge

Using the fantastic FlaxRock Climbing Wall Teams will face fun challenges to test both their brains and their bodies

Ahuriri Adventure Rogaine

The Ahuriri Rogaine is a challenge based on points. The group is split up into teams and each team is given a map and points sheet. The map has a whole lot of locations marked on it and the point's sheet tells the team how many points are up for grabs at that location. At each location is either an answer to a question or a team challenge to complete. The team challenges are worth more points than the questions and the locations further away from the start are worth more points than the locations closer. It is up to each team to plot their course and gain as many points as possible in the timeframe allowed. If any teams are late back they will be given penalty points so timekeeping and planning is key.

More about Custom Made Programmes

We will meet with you and discuss your goals. Your programme will be designed to reflect the following factors:

The outcomes of these programmes will be: