Holiday Programmes

Our kids and youth spend so much time these days inside and mostly sitting down, Adventure Based Holiday Programmes provide a wonderful opportunity to move; walking, climbing, jumping, and Paddling! Participants on a Kiwi Adventure Trust Adventure Holiday Programme will spend their day being physically active and learning about themselves and the world around them.

It is amazing what happens when kids take a break from TV, cell phones, and the Internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world— real people, real activities, and real emotions. They realise, there's always plenty to do. Adventure is real!

Active holiday programmes help youth build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing the kind of academic, athletic and social competition that shapes their lives at school. With its non-competitive activities and diverse opportunities to succeed, adventure is a real boost for young people.

There's accomplishment every day. Adventure teaches kids that they can. The Kiwi Adventure Staff will ensure that participants will receive the kind of encouragement that they will grow. But not everything is easy and an important part of adventure is learning to endure setbacks, try new(and thereby maybe a little frightening) things, and see that improvement comes when you give something another try.

It is important we are finding opportunities for our kids to develop new skills and a Kiwi Adventure Trust Holiday Programme will provide the right instruction and equipment for kids to enhance their adventure skills.

The very nature of outdoor education means participants will grow more independent, practicing making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding every move. They will in part manage their day in a safe, caring environment and develop who they are. There will also be opportunities for free time for unstructured play, building a hut, making miniature boats to float down a mountain stream or jumping paddles.
Because we all need (even you adults) need free time to just play.

Obviously adventures like this are a wonderful antidote to the ills of our modern indoor life. Outdoor experience enriches our perception of the world and supports healthy development. Adventure gets kids back outside. Participants will make their good friends, free from the social expectations pressuring them at school, camp kids will relax and make friends easily. The fun of the adventure simply draws everyone together— singing, laughing, talking, playing, and doing almost everything together.

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Boys Vs Wild

Unfortunately we are not going to be running school holiday programmes any more but our friends at Elim Kids Club OSCAR Programmes do amazing holiday programmes and we are working alongside them.

Please feel free to contact their administrator Sarah Gray (t) 06 876 3551 (office) (m) 022 358 1725 (e)