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Early Intervention Programme

The Whakaara program is an early intervention initiative that responds to a range of health needs and issues that present during adolescence. The program is underpinned by harm minimisation and draws on aspects from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Strategies used to deliver the program include adventure-based recreation, experiential education and structured group work.

Whakaara is designed to work with Year 10 men who are broadly defined as 'at risk' in relation to physical, social and emotional health issues. That is, they have characteristics such as harmful drug use.
Whakaara does not seek to isolate single 'at risk' issues, as it is unlikely that a young person will demonstrate one 'at risk' behaviour. Rather, the program seeks to involve young people in recognising all of the issues they face and in learning to make informed choices in relation to issues.

Whakaara aims to highlight the ability of young people to make their own decisions. Whakaara aims to engage adolescents in mainstream community activities by assisting participants to be successful in such activities, where previously fear of failure may have presented barriers to participation.

Contact us if you are interested in having this programme run in your school.